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Barack Obama and Angela Merkel Rock the White House June 26, 2009

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Washington, DC – Youth representatives of Avaaz.org, a global advocacy group, rallied in Lafayette Park across from the White House today to give a warm welcome to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. With chants such as “1.5 Keep Us Alive!” and “It’s Hot In Here, There’s Too Much Carbon in the Atmosphere!,” the activists performed a dance routine behind 7 foot green hardhats, representing a clean and prosperous global green economy. The demonstration pushed Obama and Merkel to commit to keeping the global temperature 1.5 degrees below pre-industrial levels through immediate action during the G8 summit next month and in Copenhagen this December. Merkel’s visit also falls on the same day as the House vote for the Waxmen-Markey bill, otherwise known as ACES (American Clean Energy and Security Act). If passed, the United States will have a climate bill that may boost their international reputation on climate change. Germany and the United States are key players in the climate negotiations and the demonstrators hope that Merkel will push Obama towards stronger standards.

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