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Climate Leadership in Question at Harper-Obama Meeting September 15, 2009

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Action Factory Press Release

‘Carbon Bigfoot’ Harper and President Obama Sip from Dirty Oil Sands Milkshake

Washington DC — During their meeting this Wednesday, President Obama, and ‘Carbon Bigfoot’ Harper will sip from a larger-than-life dirty oil sands milkshake. Harper appears as a hairy and foolish Bigfoot character with no qualms about his enormous carbon footprint. While sipping their fossil fuel shake, Harper and President Obama will discuss their commitments to solving climate change ahead of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh later this month.

The Action Factory plans to pose as Carbon Bigfoot Harper and President Obama and call for a fair, ambitious, and binding global climate treaty in Copenhagen this December. “So far, none of the developed countries have shown the ambition and leadership necessary to secure a sufficient treaty,” says Julie Erickson, a fellow with Avaaz.org.  “Canada in particular has a track record of hindering the climate process more than helping,” she adds.  We’re hopeful that some tangible progress on climate finance will come out of the UNGA and G20 meetings next week.

Prime Minister Harper’s disastrous climate policies make Canada one of the countries most impeding progress on the global climate treaty that countries are supposed to agree on this December. Carbon Bigfoot Harper is a strong supporter of dirty oil sands, which contribute more to global warming pollution than most other fossil fuels, and cause major local environmental destruction on indigenous lands in the Boreal forests of Canada where they are extracted.

“Tar sands are a step in the wrong direction when it comes to fighting climate change,” says Morgan Goodwin, another fellow with Avaaz.org. “Under Harper’s leadership and promotion of tar sands, Canada appears weak and irresponsible in the realm of international climate leadership.” The US imports dirty oil sands from Canada, and recently approved the Alberta Clipper pipeline, which will invite many more years of pollution and destruction in both the US and Canada. Mr. Goodwin adds that “if the US and Canada want to show the world they are serious about real climate solutions, then they need to immediately stop cutting deals that encourage the extraction of fossil fuels, start investing in clean energy sources, and boldly commit, in real numbers, to providing the funding that is necessary for a global climate treaty.”


Avaaz.org is an international advocacy organization of 3.5 million members worldwide, including 240,000 Canadians.


1. anne berg-nilssen - September 16, 2009

It is disgusting what they are doing – and it is just desperate actions to cling to the oil-age!!
I am sure this kind of thing will be worse as the oilwells go dry…,it will really take a long time to make them stop grabbing for oildrops at all costs to the environment…

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