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Carbon Bigfoot Harper Visits the White House September 16, 2009

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Carbon Bigfoot Harper and Obama Shake Hands

Carbon Bigfoot Harper and Obama Shake Hands

Big news today: Prime Minister Harper visited the White House to get a photo-op with Obama. But he didn’t expect that photo-op would be organized for him, by the DC Action Factory.

The scary, climate destroying monster met with Obama today to discsuss how they could stop the Afganistan war, how to revive the global economy, and what to do about this pesky energy problem. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to propose a fair, ambitious and binding global treaty that would create a green global economy with lots of good, clean jobs. No, instead, the oaf that he is, thought he could impress Obama with a milkshake. An oil sands milkshake, to be exact.

Sipping on the Oil Sands

Sipping on the Oil Sands

Doesn’t Harper know that oil sands are the largest climate project in the western hemisphere? Don’t they know that tar sands are a huge road-block on the road to a Copenhagen Climate Treaty? And don’t they know that oil sands extraction is killing polar bears?

Stephen Harper killing Polar Bears

Stephen Harper killing Polar Bears

With all the press in the last couple days, you think he’d have gotten the message. RAN dropped a 70′ banner off Niagra Falls yesterday. Greenpeace activists in Canada are still locking down to a gigantic shovel and dumptruck, effectively shutting down Shell Oil’s climate crime.

We’re guessing Harper isn’t going to be too happy with all the ‘bad’ press. His conservative government in Canada is under attack from more progressives who are more serious about climate action. From Kevin Grandia via Huffington Post:

Popularity – Harper is desperate to gain in the polls in Canada where he has been unable to get a majority of Canadians on his side. His backroom boys are no doubt advising him to saddle up to President Obama as a means of appearing more moderate.

Wake up Canada!  This isn’t the kind of leadership the world needs.  As we enter the final 3 months before Copenhagen, the G20 looms large. Activists are stepping up the pace of actions even more. Get ready for Sept 21st and the global wake up call, followed by the 350.org day of action on October 24th.

For more tar sands action on twitter, follow @AcFac or join the conversation using #stopoilsands


The sum total of the public remarks Harper concerning energy and global warming.  Too bad they didn’t bring up tar sands.  (These in French, during the joint press conference.  Obama did not mention climate change.)

We discussed energy security and climate change.  I remind all our American friends that Canada is by far the largest supplier of energy to the United States.  And we are determined to be a continental partner in dealing with the joint — with the very linked problems of climate change and energy security.


1. Sarah - September 16, 2009

Tar sands milkshake? Is that what they drink up there in Canada? Sounds nasty to me. Come on Harper, be a climate hero instead of a climate loser.

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