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G20 Climate Fail September 25, 2009

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G20 Leaders are likely to miss the boat on financing climate change financing.  We welcome them to prove us wrong, because tomorrow we’re going to be marching on the G20 summit and bringing this message to them.

This week we’ve seen Gordon Brown commit to going to Copenhagen and helping to finance climate adaptation.  Japan’s new government has announced more ambitous climate targets, and China and India have come out with bigger cuts.  German Chancellor Merkel and US President Obama are holding the rest of the G20 back when it comes to a fair, ambitious and binding global climate treaty.

Rich nations need to commit $150 billion in public money per year to help the poorest people avoid the worst effects of climate change.  Gordon Brown has called for $100 billion, and the EU’s target is even more ambitious, but those ambitious goals are being blocked by the US and Germany who are wary of putting any numbers on those goals.

We call that an epic G20 Climate Fail. Copenhagen is just a few months away – what do they think they’re going to do?  Push it back and hope climate change slows down a bit?

We’ll be marching, and we need you to be helping push the march along, making it more than just a physical march, but also a digital one.

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