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Right Man. Right City. Wrong time. Wrong cause. October 1, 2009

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Obama to Copenhagen for…

2012 Climate Treaty the 2016 Olympics???

Obama to Copenhagen for 2012 Climate Treaty/2016 Olympics

As President Obama prepared to head to Copenhagen to vouch for Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid today, our crew of climate activists showed up outside the White House to talk about a much more important trip to Copenhagen that Obama could make this December on behalf of the world’s climate.

Wearing Obama masks and green work-out suits printed with “Obama #1,” our team of Obama climate athletes did lunges, jumping jacks, and push-ups in preparation for the UN climate change talks that the President should commit attend in Copenhagen this December. Obama has not yet committed to attend.

“President Obama is our #1 pick for the Climate Dream Team delegation to Copenhagen this December,” said Kim Huynh, one of my fellow masked Obamas. “If he can drop everything and jet to Copenhagen to vouch for Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid, surely he can make the same trip this December for the sake of a crucial 2012 Global Climate Treaty that is necessary to safeguard our future.”

We even tossed around a green volleyball and urged Obama not to drop the ball on a fair, ambitious and binding global climate treaty. I could see well enough through my mask to catch the ball most times, but managed to get hit in the face twice as we were cheering catchy climate cheers like, “Time is ticking on the clock, give it all you’ve got Barack,” and “Oooh, it’s hot in here, there’s too much carbon in the atmosphere.”

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown committed last week to attend the Copenhagen climate talks and the presence of major world leaders – especially President Obama – will raise the stakes and increase the chances of getting a fair, ambitious and binding global treaty to address the challenge of climate change.

Many tourists and members of the white house press corps were amused as they passed by the Obama climate athletes. Unfortunately we missed President Obama, whose motorcade cruised twice through the opposite end of Lafayette Park for a brief lunchtime outing. But we hope that as he prepares for tonight’s trip and tomorrow’s speech, he considers using his clout when it will really count towards our future: in Copenhagen in December.

Update (Oct 2): check out press coverage of this action on Washington Post and The Guardian, and more photos from Jeff Malet Photography

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