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Who’s making the climate bill a clown show? October 27, 2009

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Opening hearing at the Environment and Public Works committee on the Kerry-Boxer climate bill. Left to right. Drew Veysey, American University, Caitlin Giblin, SustainUS, Tom Owens, Carrolltown, PA, Avaaz Action Factory Morgan Goodwin, Keene, NY, Avaaz Action Factory Sarah Murphy, Peterburough, NH, Avaaz Action Factory

The Action Factory greeted senators and press to the kick-off of the EPW hearings on the climate bill with Halloween costumes and a timely message: Trick or Treaty.  This is about a climate treaty, and senators need to see young people calling for not just a strong climate bill, but a global climate treaty in Copenhagen.

One Senator in particular had a problem with us turning this process into a clown show, and he should know, he’s very good at it.  Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma is worried that our presence demeans the process.

I’m sorry Senator Inhofe, with all due respect, we’ve watched you make this process a circus for years, and we’re sick and tired of it.

As I write this, our allies on the EPW committee are passionately making the case for clean energy jobs, climate solutions and owning up to the responsibility we face.  Even though we didn’t get into the hearing (even folks who showed up at 6am were shut out by lobbyists paying line-standers), we made it clear that we’re here, we’re invested in this process, and we’re going to push for more.

Many in the media and even in environmental organizations are pessimistic about the prospects for a treaty in Copenhagen.  But they don’t know what this movement can do.  We had the largest day of international grassroots action ever.  On Saturday, over 5,000 events in virtually every single country convened to call for a science based target.  Rep. Markey was in Copenhagen last weekend meeting with lawmakers from all over the world, and he returned with progress and an  optimism that the global process will move forward well.

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