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Tonight: Flying Lanterns will Light Up Ellipse; Obama Delaying Climate Treaty while in Asia November 17, 2009

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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Meet us at the corner of 15th and Constitution at 5:45 tonight and look for people holding candles. It will be beautiful, safe, and fun.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

CONTACT: Julie Erickson, julie@actionfactories.org, 413-687-1987

Youth Activists to Tell Obama to Join China and Light the Way on Climate

Hundreds of Chinese Flying Lanterns Will Light Up Ellipse as Activists Urge Obama to Attend Copenhagen Talks

Who: Climate activists with the Avaaz DC Climate Action Factory
What: Candlelight vigil, glow-in-the-dark balloon banner, and hundreds of flying Chinese paper lanterns
Where: Southern end of the Ellipse, south of the White House near 15th St. and Constitution Ave., NW
When: 6:30 PM, Tuesday, November 17th

Washington, DC — Tuesday evening, as President Obama continues his visit with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing, youth climate activists will light and release hundreds of Chinese flying lanterns into the air around the White House. The activists are making an urgent call for Obama to stop delaying a global climate treaty and for the US to stop lagging behind while other countries—including China—take action on climate change.

PHOTO OP: Hundreds of lanterns flying into the night sky with the White House and Washington Monument as a backdrop; glow-in-the-dark banner held up by helium balloons.

Avaaz is a global campaign network with 3.6 million members worldwide.
For more information visit http://www.avaaz.org
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