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First fossil award goes to Austria (and its Nordic neighbors) December 9, 2009

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As you may have heard, the Copenhagen talks kicked off yesterday with an invigorating speech from Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, rumors that the EU might announce a stronger carbon reduction target, and of course, the first round of Fossil of the Day Awards for the greatest obstructionists.

First place went to all the Annex I countries for generally trying to weaken a deal. Annex I countries are developed countries that are most responsible for climate change. They are the countries that were supposed to make emissions cuts under the Kyoto Protocol (only some did). No surprise here – the FOTDA judges simply decided to kick off Copenhagen Fossil of the Day but calling out wealthier countries that are perpetually dragging their feet when it comes to getting a Real Deal.

The second place award, however, was a bit more of a shock. Austria, and its Nordic neighbors Finland and Sweden were awarded second place for an outrageous attempt to hijack the REDD mechanism for their own benefit. REDD (which stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) is an already precarious offset scheme that gives developing countries carbon credits to keep their forests standing. It is meant to give poorer countries an incentive to reduce their emissions. It is certainly NOT for fully developed wealthy nations like Austria who need to make REAL cuts in their emissions rather than get paid to protect forests they were going to protect anyway.

Even though we’re busy building an Ark and planning other big actions, a few of us made a quick trip to the Embassy of Austria today and attempted to deliver the prize. Much to our dismay, the embassy was closed (closed? in the middle of the day on a Tuesday?) But we got some great photos, which we think are enough to say: SHAME ON YOU AUSTRIA. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. AND SHAME ON YOUR NORDIC NEIGHBORS TOO!

Stay tuned for additional fossil awards presentations over the next few weeks. While we don’t have time to delivery fossil awards every day, you can check out all daily winners on the official Fossil of the Day Award website, which even includes a live video stream of the award ceremony in Copenhagen. We also encourage you to deliver a fossil award yourself if you’re so inspired. Shoot us an email at info -at- actionfactories.org and we can give you some tips, and maybe even a pre-made trophy!

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