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About Us

The Avaaz.org Action Factory is a group of young people anxious for a fair and just global climate treaty. We use creative tactics to gain media attention and pressure key decision makers in the Washington DC area. Since June, 2009, we have carried out dozens of actions and made contact with scores of decision-makers.

This December 7-18th, countries will come together in Copenhagen, Denmark and attempt to agree on a coordinated global response to climate change. These UN talks represent a crucial moment in the history of the world, and an opportunity to secure a fair, ambitious, and binding global treaty that could usher in a new era of global prosperity grounded in long-term sustainability, security, and justice.

So far, world leaders have shown a lack of ambition in addressing climate change and have failed to act with the urgency that the science and impacted communities demand. This project has been created in response to this political emergency.

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