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Monsanto Refuses Angry Mermaid Award December 18, 2009

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The seas are swirling with mermaids’ fury against Monsanto and the corporate criminals who sabotaged the Copenhagen climate process. Mermaids know no borders. They swam it all the way to DC Wednesday to share their anger with the 3 winners of the “Angry Mermaid Awards“.

We at the DC Climate Action Factory teamed up with a delegation of irate Danish anthrofishies and hit the frozen streets of K and I: global corporate lobby ground zero. It’s from here that climate criminals and climate profiteers staged their war to infiltrate and cripple the climate legislation that so many saw as the lynchpin for progress towards a real deal at the COP. Naturally, this place is home to the Angry Mermaid Award winners.

First stop we hit it was API, the American Petroleum Institute. API came in at 3rd place in global interweb polling of over 10,000 homo sapiens sapiens and mermaids. API’s lobbying war chest weighed in at $4.1 million this year. Beyond the beltway, they fielded a mercenary astroturf army, lobbing lies at congresspeople and directing climate coverage in corporate media. All to perpetuate the fossil fuel economy that’s devastating the planet and threatening mermaids, humans, and everyone else who depends on natural temperatures and stable ecosystems.

Apparently someone tipped them off, because we arrived to find the API entrance caution-taped. But nay, no length of ribbon could thwart our MERMAID FUNK ARMADA. We triumphed in delivering a 5ft. Angry Mermaid award inside the building despite heavy resistance from the astroturf army sentinels who tried in vain to blockade the entrance.

But that’s all for another video. And so is our daring ascent up the highest steeple in the Church of Shell Oil, Jorma Ollila’s sustainable tar sands spa. Yes, we bested them too, the 2nd place winners. But that is also for another video. This is a 3-part series.

What we can share is this: Exclusive footage of a daring fin and foot dance attack on Monsanto castle, 1st prize winners. We were victorious in our goal of decorating Monsanto’s terrific genetically modified Christmas tree with a life-size Mermaid trophy. But, alas, there were casualties on our side. Chalk another up for the murderous behemoth that is Monsanto.

Monsanto is at the head of the corporate climate profiteers‘ counter-evolution, undermining sustainable technology by lobbying for false solutions to the CO2 emissions crisis. Monsanto’s prime false solution is leading the proprietary GMO biofuel monoculture empire. Similarly, Shell and API champion Carbon Capture technology and unconventional extraction like the Alberta Tar Sands project.

Alongside the false solutions scam, the Angry Mermaid winners feed from another common trough: government subsidies for carbon-intensive economic sectors. All three winners benefit from fossil fuel, factory-farming, and military-industrial subsidies. The related industrial sectors, transport, industrial agriculture, dirty energy, manufacturing, and war, comprise the greatest emitters in the second-worse emitting country in the world.

As people who depend on the land and water ecosystems in the United States and depend on the same oceans and atmosphere, we share in the rage of the angry mermaids. Thus the uncompromising beat of our global MERMAID FUNK ARMADA. We are unstoppable. And as with all things unstoppable, more action is on the way.

The Angry Mermaid Award is organised by ATTAC Denmark, Corporate Europe Observatory, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth International, Oilchange International and Spinwatch.

Here’s another DC Delivery by the Organic Consumers Association

Carbon Bigfoot Harper Visits the White House September 16, 2009

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Carbon Bigfoot Harper and Obama Shake Hands

Carbon Bigfoot Harper and Obama Shake Hands

Big news today: Prime Minister Harper visited the White House to get a photo-op with Obama. But he didn’t expect that photo-op would be organized for him, by the DC Action Factory.

The scary, climate destroying monster met with Obama today to discsuss how they could stop the Afganistan war, how to revive the global economy, and what to do about this pesky energy problem. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to propose a fair, ambitious and binding global treaty that would create a green global economy with lots of good, clean jobs. No, instead, the oaf that he is, thought he could impress Obama with a milkshake. An oil sands milkshake, to be exact.

Sipping on the Oil Sands

Sipping on the Oil Sands

Doesn’t Harper know that oil sands are the largest climate project in the western hemisphere? Don’t they know that tar sands are a huge road-block on the road to a Copenhagen Climate Treaty? And don’t they know that oil sands extraction is killing polar bears?

Stephen Harper killing Polar Bears

Stephen Harper killing Polar Bears

With all the press in the last couple days, you think he’d have gotten the message. RAN dropped a 70′ banner off Niagra Falls yesterday. Greenpeace activists in Canada are still locking down to a gigantic shovel and dumptruck, effectively shutting down Shell Oil’s climate crime.

We’re guessing Harper isn’t going to be too happy with all the ‘bad’ press. His conservative government in Canada is under attack from more progressives who are more serious about climate action. From Kevin Grandia via Huffington Post:

Popularity – Harper is desperate to gain in the polls in Canada where he has been unable to get a majority of Canadians on his side. His backroom boys are no doubt advising him to saddle up to President Obama as a means of appearing more moderate.

Wake up Canada!  This isn’t the kind of leadership the world needs.  As we enter the final 3 months before Copenhagen, the G20 looms large. Activists are stepping up the pace of actions even more. Get ready for Sept 21st and the global wake up call, followed by the 350.org day of action on October 24th.

For more tar sands action on twitter, follow @AcFac or join the conversation using #stopoilsands


The sum total of the public remarks Harper concerning energy and global warming.  Too bad they didn’t bring up tar sands.  (These in French, during the joint press conference.  Obama did not mention climate change.)

We discussed energy security and climate change.  I remind all our American friends that Canada is by far the largest supplier of energy to the United States.  And we are determined to be a continental partner in dealing with the joint — with the very linked problems of climate change and energy security.

Climate Leadership in Question at Harper-Obama Meeting September 15, 2009

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Action Factory Press Release

‘Carbon Bigfoot’ Harper and President Obama Sip from Dirty Oil Sands Milkshake

Washington DC — During their meeting this Wednesday, President Obama, and ‘Carbon Bigfoot’ Harper will sip from a larger-than-life dirty oil sands milkshake. Harper appears as a hairy and foolish Bigfoot character with no qualms about his enormous carbon footprint. While sipping their fossil fuel shake, Harper and President Obama will discuss their commitments to solving climate change ahead of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh later this month.

The Action Factory plans to pose as Carbon Bigfoot Harper and President Obama and call for a fair, ambitious, and binding global climate treaty in Copenhagen this December. “So far, none of the developed countries have shown the ambition and leadership necessary to secure a sufficient treaty,” says Julie Erickson, a fellow with Avaaz.org.  “Canada in particular has a track record of hindering the climate process more than helping,” she adds.  We’re hopeful that some tangible progress on climate finance will come out of the UNGA and G20 meetings next week.

Prime Minister Harper’s disastrous climate policies make Canada one of the countries most impeding progress on the global climate treaty that countries are supposed to agree on this December. Carbon Bigfoot Harper is a strong supporter of dirty oil sands, which contribute more to global warming pollution than most other fossil fuels, and cause major local environmental destruction on indigenous lands in the Boreal forests of Canada where they are extracted.

“Tar sands are a step in the wrong direction when it comes to fighting climate change,” says Morgan Goodwin, another fellow with Avaaz.org. “Under Harper’s leadership and promotion of tar sands, Canada appears weak and irresponsible in the realm of international climate leadership.” The US imports dirty oil sands from Canada, and recently approved the Alberta Clipper pipeline, which will invite many more years of pollution and destruction in both the US and Canada. Mr. Goodwin adds that “if the US and Canada want to show the world they are serious about real climate solutions, then they need to immediately stop cutting deals that encourage the extraction of fossil fuels, start investing in clean energy sources, and boldly commit, in real numbers, to providing the funding that is necessary for a global climate treaty.”


Avaaz.org is an international advocacy organization of 3.5 million members worldwide, including 240,000 Canadians.

Update: State Dept Response to our Letter on Oil Sands August 21, 2009

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Many of you saw the letter the Action Factory wrote yesterday in response to the State Dept approval of the Clipper Pipeline border crossing.

Today we met with two officials with the Oceans, Environment and Science department, one of the departments that worked on the Clipper pipeline project. While the officials avoided giving us their names or positions, we imagine that one works in PR while the other is more policy focused. They thanked us for our wonderful visual skits and the over 10,000 phone calls and emails Avaaz.org generated. They emphasized that we should have gotten involved earlier, during the public comment part of the two year process, where over 6000 stakeholders submitted their opinions.

The PR guy emphasized that the US plan to reduce oil emissions centers around CAFE standards and what a great improvement we’ve had in that area. He said that we should bring the Tar Sands Monster skit to an Escalade factory if we really want to make a difference. The woman, who was sorry to have missed the skit, said that the next pipeline project has already started the approval process, and they expect the public comment period to be open in December or January. They both also pointed out that their role was more approving the crossing of the U.S. border, but that there were various other regulatory agencies that needed to sign off on the pipeline as well.

Our biggest question: What kind of a signal do you send the world, as we near the Copenhagen climate negotiations, when we approve a major expansion in international dirty energy infrastructure? Answer: We need to make decision in the ‘here and now’ and not for their symbolic power. They added that because of the close cooperation on this project and the negotiating that went on, Canada will be under more pressure to come to Copenhagen ready to negotiate. (more…)

Breaking news: State Department Issues Permit for Alberta Clipper Pipeline August 20, 2009

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Approval means 450,000 barrels of dirty, climate destroying oil will flow into the US daily

The decision sat on Clinton’s desk for months, and with a stroke of the pen, she could have denied this expansion of dirty energy infrastructure. But today, the State Department issued the permit, committing the US to more CO2 emissions from oil, and committing Canada to more destruction of indigenous lands and Boreal forest. We brought the Tar Sands Monster to Clinton’s doorstep, generated thousands of phone calls and emails, but Clinton failed to make the right decision.

From the State Department:

After considerable review and evaluation, on August 20, 2009, the Department issued a Presidential Permit to Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership for the Alberta Clipper pipeline.

Yet they insist that the US and Canada are committed to finding climate solutions:

The State Department will continue to work to ensure that both the United States and Canada take ambitious action to address climate change, and will cooperate with the Canadian government through the U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue, the pursuit of comprehensive climate legislation, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and other processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Avaaz Action Factory will deliver this letter to the state department tomorrow. Please help us by sending them an email using this as a starting point. secretary@state.gov (more…)

More Info on Clinton and Oil Sands July 25, 2009

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Watch this video from the Action Factory in front of the State Department.

Also, you can find our press release and flyer.