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From the Front Lines of the G20: A Global Climate Wake-Up Call September 20, 2009

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The DC Action Factory has hit the ground running in Pittsburgh, with our time drawing near to the first mass action of the G20 week: a global wake up call for climate action.

At noon tomorrow, scores will gather on the corner of 7th and Penn in downtown Pittsburgh, all with their alarm clocks set to 12:18. At that time, a cacophony of noise will sound, and the crowd will rush forward to the sleeping leaders–President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, President Medvedev, and Prime Minister Harper–who will be located in the middle of the brick square, sleeping on the job with their country’s

President Obama and Prime Minister Harper are going to be two of the four featured G20 leaders in tomorrow's action, sleeping on the job as the world demands stronger international climate policy this December.

President Obama and Prime Minister Harper are going to be two of the four featured G20 leaders in tomorrow's action, sleeping on the job as the world demands stronger international climate policy this December.

flags as blankets. The crowd will literally wake-up the G20 members and demand that they take bold action this week on climate policy that will lead us into a promising and productive Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December [the last day of this being 12/18].

Immediately following the flash mob wake up, everyone gathered will place calls to our Senators in Washington, demanding that they gear up to work diligently on climate and energy policy this fall, thus making a loud and strong flash mob on Monday (along with  the 2,000+ other wake up calls worldwide) more important than ever.

The action is promised to be a fun, exciting, and easy way to plug into the many events going on in Pittsburgh this week, and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Tomorrow’s going to be huge, all over the world.  Our wake up call is one of over 2,000 events around the world.  This amazing coordination happens through the Tck Tck Tck campaign, which you should read about here if you haven’t heard of it yet.  Also check out Kevin Grandia of Desmogblog writing about just how big and lout this is going to be.

Part of the reason this even is so huge is that its paired with a global movie release.  The scary view from 2050 about just how stupid we are acting right now as a the hilarious and chilling independent movie, the Age of Stupid.

As of Today, there are 77 days until Copenhagen, and the action is only going to keep on increasing.

Keep your eyes and twitter feeds on the lookout for the Senior Citizens March to end MTR and 350.org day of action.


Friday Flash Mob (Sept 11th) September 10, 2009

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Attn: Friends of climate action – Flash Mob!

This Friday the 11th, at Noon, world leaders will still be sleeping on the watch while the climate crisis accelerates and the December UN Climate negotiations in Copenhagen grow ever closer. Join the noontime slumber party in the main hall of Union Station and set your cell phone alarm for 12:18PM when a chorus of alarms will jolt our snoozing leaders into action.

12/18 is the final day of the climate negotiations when the world needs a fair, ambitious, and binding global climate treaty to pass. We’re setting our alarms for 12:18 as a reminder of this crucial moment to the health the planet and the global economy.

[[ This action is a test run for a worldwide action on 9/21. We will be filming the action for an instructional video that will help people across the globe prepare for 9/21. ]]

who? — You and all your friends

what? — Wake-up call flashmob: join the slumber party snoozing and snoring while you stand, sit, or sleep however else you like; dress for business or for sleep, bring a teddy bear or a briefcase, blankie or suit coat; no costume required

where? — Main hall of Union Station

when? — Friday, Sept 11th.  Get their early (like around 12:00) and snooze. At 12:18 your alarm should go off.

then what? — Wake up at 12:18 (don’t forget to set your alarm) when your alarm goes off, hold it to the sky so world leaders get the message and get up and moving on climate negotiations. From there, we’ll assemble in the middle, finding each other by our phones, to make wake up calls to world leaders (in this case, US senators)

why? — World leaders are sleeping on the watch when we need them to be taking ambitious action to curb carbon emissions and provide the resources necessary for all countries to participate in the transition to a clean energy future.

See you at bleary-eyed noontime.

Avaaz Action Factory

Stepping Into the Water August 28, 2009

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As I carried the rooftop down the grassy slope and stepped into the reflecting pool, committing civil disobedience, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief.  ‘Today, right now, I’m doing everything I can to call for climate solutions.’

The days of planning, the nights of building collapsible roof structures and a giant banner all faded as I floated my roof into place, framing my message below the symbols of America’s greatness.  “Help, the water is rising”  Lincoln, sitting on your chair looking at the scene, what would you do?  The George Washington Memorial, surveying the city looking down at us from above – what do you think of the coming storms?

I remember the turmoil of hurricane Katrina four years ago, watching from afar.  I was aware of the size of the storm, but I had no idea how far the destruction would reach because no one expected the levees to break and the entire city to flood.  That surprising level of destruction, both of human life and the property of an entire city, is the memory that we now have of Katrina.

I also remember how hurricane Katrina catapulted climate change into the public consciousness.  (mandatory footnote: no one weather event can be attributed to climate change, but increased intensity and weaker coastlines are direct climate effects.)

Time is running out.  The clock is tck-tck-tcking.  There are only 100 days until Copenhagen.  That is our chance, as global civic society, to agree on a plan for human safety and security in the face of crisis.

Just as the federal agencies assigned to protect residents of New Orleans failed in the aftermath of Katrina, our government is failing us now in addressing climate change.  The bright, critical spotlight of public consciousness was turned on FEMA in the aftermath, pointing out the million areas of incompetence and shortsightedness.  But imagine what we will look like, 10 or 20 years into the future.  They’re going to call this the age of stupid if we don’t exercise our power as citizens to demand action.

The alarm needs to be raised, the church bells need to ring, the fire whistles need to sound and people like you and me should be taking to the streets.  Al Gore calls on young people to engage in civil disobedience to stop coal plants, but won’t put himself on the line.  Thomas Friedman accuses youth of sitting on Facebook instead of taking action.  Well Mr Friedman, get out from behind your articles and books and take to the streets yourself.

Global warming has been the primary issue for me for four years, since about when Katrina slammed into New Orleans.  There’s been a lot of frustration, but I feel that we are close to a big turning point, a point of global consciousness.  Our common need for security brings us together in common cause, whether it is our homes at risk of storm, our children’s health in danger of pollution or our national security threatened by turmoil.

I don’t claim to speak for the residents of the Gulf Coast.  But I recognize that hurricane Katrina is a point of reference for all Americans, giving us all a taste of the cost of climate inaction.

Today is a day of reflection, both on tragedy, but we must also remember the bravery of the heroes.  Countless New Orleans residents made self-less sacrifices for their communities.  Barack Obama has made quiet but significant progress on rebuilding New Orleans and restoring the Gulf Coast, although we have a lot of work left to go.  I’ve also been thinking about the legacy of Ted Kennedy, who spent 40 years defending the ideals of liberals, defending the poor and the underprivileged.

On this day of reflection, this turning point, what are you doing to turn the tables for climate solutions?  How are you pushing the boundaries?  I’ll be making sure ALL my friends see this amazing photo and pass it on to their friends because I’m pretty psyched with how it turned out.

Breaking news: State Department Issues Permit for Alberta Clipper Pipeline August 20, 2009

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Approval means 450,000 barrels of dirty, climate destroying oil will flow into the US daily

The decision sat on Clinton’s desk for months, and with a stroke of the pen, she could have denied this expansion of dirty energy infrastructure. But today, the State Department issued the permit, committing the US to more CO2 emissions from oil, and committing Canada to more destruction of indigenous lands and Boreal forest. We brought the Tar Sands Monster to Clinton’s doorstep, generated thousands of phone calls and emails, but Clinton failed to make the right decision.

From the State Department:

After considerable review and evaluation, on August 20, 2009, the Department issued a Presidential Permit to Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership for the Alberta Clipper pipeline.

Yet they insist that the US and Canada are committed to finding climate solutions:

The State Department will continue to work to ensure that both the United States and Canada take ambitious action to address climate change, and will cooperate with the Canadian government through the U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue, the pursuit of comprehensive climate legislation, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and other processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Avaaz Action Factory will deliver this letter to the state department tomorrow. Please help us by sending them an email using this as a starting point. secretary@state.gov (more…)

Bonner and Ass. Pissed us Off August 6, 2009

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Bonner and Associates pissed us off, so a few of us at the Action Factory, a group of young climate activists living and working in DC, took our clothes off in the rain to demonstrate the NAKED FRAUD of this astroturf lobbying firm.
Bonner and associate, who were working for the Hawthorne Group, whom in turn were working for American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, forged not 1, not 6, but 12 letters to not 1 but 3 congressmen. All three of these companies are outraged, claiming to have fired the ‘deviant’ employee who supposedly acted on his or her own. They were so ‘outraged’ that they didn’t notify the congressmen who received these letters. They were so ‘outraged’ that they even forgot that Bonner has been caught using almost the same tactics before, making them look very stupid for hiring them in the first place. That’s pretty much blind with outrage.

Once the intense anger of the moment subsided, we grabbed a camera and headed back to Bonner’s office first thing Monday morning to get to the bottom of this. Keep in mind, we’re not professional journalists, and I apologize in advance if our ‘outrage’ clouds our judgment on ethical conduct. But, I think that you’ll enjoy joining us on this search for democracy. Bonner and Associates seems to have stolen it, so it only made sense to start looking at the scene of the crime…

Some thoughts:
*People seem pretty unsure of whether forging letters is illegal
*We’re not legal experts – what are the legal consequences for mail fraud? forging names and signatures? Lying to congress?

Aliens, Wizards, and Other Made-Up People Oppose Green Jobs August 5, 2009

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Bonner and Associates (ahem, Hawthorne Group, ahem, ACCCE) couldn’t find enough real people to oppose clean energy and green jobs legislation. In fact, the management wouldn’t take that ‘no’ for an answer, and pushed their employees to commit outright mail fraud instead.

(C’mon, seriously, Tom Periello knows the folks who work for the NAACP chapter in his district. He’s gonna notice. – catch his interview on Rachel Maddow last night.)

So today, we decided to help the coal industry out a little bit by showing them that made-up people and creatures can have a say in politics! We dressed up as aliens, a wizard, and Little Red Riding Hood and passed out the Sierra Club’s hill add to hill staffers getting out of the subway. “Hey, help us kill green jobs!”

Its a testament to hill staffers that at least some of them replied, “No, I like green jobs.” Apparently irony isn’t the best tactic at 9am. But making up the names of people who oppose climate change legislation? Never a good tactic.